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Welcome to the The Abundant Clean Energy Wiki!

The Wiki supports competitors in submitting their entries to the Designing the Abundant Clean Energy XPRIZE Competition

If you are interested in a deeper dive into what this project aims to achieve and how, see this expanded Background page.

This Wiki is for collecting citations, relevant references, and background research relating to different energy generation technologies.

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Wiki ground rules

  • The emphasis is to collect information that can be supported up with other sources. Wherever possible, please cite references, webpages, videos, and any other resources to support your contributions.
  • If you would like to contribute information about a technology that does not have a dedicated page, please use the Other Technologies page. Technologies with sufficient activity will be be migrated to a dedicated page.
  • Please begin by working within the template headings provided. Additional headings may be added if you feel appropriate.
  • Wiki's inherently allow for both edits and additions. But, since we want to preserve as much research and contribution as possible, please refrain from editing other users work and stick to making your own unique contributions. Don't agree with something? Add your own citation and information to present an alternative view, or even provide your own views on a citation that has already been added.
  • Please use the discussion tabs for conversation and debate while leaving the pages for cited statements.

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LENR (“cold fusion”)

Plasma Fusion (Hot Fusion)

Energy generators sourcing energy from Ionosphere

Energy generators sourcing energy from Van Allen Belt

Energy generators sourcing energy from a Vacuum (Zero Point Energy)

Energy capture from gravity

Energy capture from permanent magnets

New approaches to generating hydrogen from water

Optical Rectenna - High efficiency solar power generation

Solar Technologies

Reactionless generators and/or regenerative motors

Fuel free engines

Geomagnetic generators

Other Technologies

Positive Energy Tests

Methods of Comparing Energy Creation/Generation Across Multiple technology types

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